x201m Sound Project (2007)


X201m Sound Project – Day 1 – 2007

x201m Sound Project [2007]

The x201m Sound Project is based on the diary, Diaries of Despair, describing the
last 39 days in the life of baboon x201m. X201m was in a guinea pig fashion, subjected
to a pig-to-human xenotransplantation. A pig’s heart was transplanted into its neck.
The diary was smuggled out to the public in May 2000 and shown to the press by the
British animal rights activist organization “Uncaged Campaigns”. The documents revealed
in a dramatic way the baboon’s daily rythm in the last days of its life, until it died
from its sufferings.

The project opens with a sound project by the Danish artist Mikael Madsen. It is an
interpretation of day one in the diary. This is also the inauguration of a comprehensive
dialogue: 38 artists have been invited to participate and give their interpretations of the
baboon’s last days in the form of sound projects. The website x201m.com gives a detailed
account of the project. The sound projects are found here and will be accessible to the public.

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