KunstAutomat.dk (2012)

KunstAutomat.dk  [2012] – Educational & Inspirational Art Machine. I got the idea for KunstAutomat, when I was teaching in visual arts at the Media Workshop (Medieværkstedet) in  Aalborg. And some of the students between other tasks needed inspiration for new works. In the beginning I called it “Drag a task” (træk en opgave) and later… Continue reading KunstAutomat.dk (2012)

ArtCreator (2011)

ArtCreator.dk [2011] – Random Art Generator Internet / Software Art Link: Site Offline

x201m Sound Project (2007)


X201m Sound Project – Day 1 – 2007 Mikael Madsen · X201m Sound Project – Day 1 – 2007 x201m Sound Project [2007] The x201m Sound Project is based on the diary, Diaries of Despair, describing thelast 39 days in the life of baboon x201m. X201m was in a guinea pig fashion, subjectedto a pig-to-human… Continue reading x201m Sound Project (2007)

Composer (2007)

Mikael Madsen Composer 2006

Composer [2007] The composer is programmed and constructed by Mikael Madsen and composed by a randomized order. The colored squares are the visualizations of this process, and each square represent a sound. When two equal squares collide, there will be a third sound and numerous other actions will take place.The sound sources are based on… Continue reading Composer (2007)

Screenscapes (2003)

Screenscapes 2003

Screenscapes [2003] Video / sound installation which works from the awareness space in the border region of the human form. The visual sound is converted to and unites itself in a correlated context. Video installation, sound is made out of still images from video sequences, these images have been converted from bmp format to mp3… Continue reading Screenscapes (2003)